Tip. Cholesterol, what is it?

Cholesterol it is a natural substance found in our system which is essential for different functions in it. It is mostly generated in a natural way, but a minimum portion of it comes from our diet it self. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our diet by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. With willing and effort, we can reduce cholesterol´s negative impact.

What are the ideal cholesterol levels?

There are two different types of cholesterol: the called “good” one (HDL), and the “bad” one (LDL). It is measured by milligrams in our blood, and there are three important numbers for you to consider:

  • 200 milligrams is the ideal total cholesterol level.
  • Bad cholesterol (LDL) level must be lower than 130 milligrams.
  • Low/Good cholesterol (HDL) level must be above 40 milligrams.

By consuming fruits and vegetables, by doing sports and by consuming fibre you will help to get rid of negative cholesterol that the body does not get to eliminate by itself, and which can be accumulated in the arteries.

Tip. Reasons why bad cholesterol (LDL) may appear.

The most frequent reason why bad cholesterol increases its levels in blood is the abuse when consuming saturated fat, such as whole dairy products, butter, cold meat, amongst others. To replace these by non-saturated fat products can help to achieve the ideal cholesterol levels.

Besides the listed above, another reasons why the cholesterol level may increase are as follows: family history with high cholesterol levels, aging, lack of exercise, overweight and even tiroides or renal problems.

According to recent studies, stress can also contribute to increase the bad cholesterol levels. Some anti-stress habits, such as junk food, alcohol or tobacco can do as well, so it is recommended to substitute them by doing sports, consuming healthy food and practicing anti-stress and relaxation techniques.

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