What type of water is used to irrigate their crops?

We use well water to irrigate our crops. This means, clean water which help us guarantee good quality, and harmlessness in our products.

Where is La Huerta located?

We are located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

What type of pesticides are used to take care of La Huerta crops?

We are aware and committed to the environment, as well as to our consumers´s health; we have developed a biological pest control, by using beneficial insects who, in a natural way, fight the enemies of our crops, thus avoiding the use of chemicals. Some of the advantages of using a biological pest control are: It doesn’t pollute the environment It’s long-lasting Doesn’t generate resistance Doesn’t generates waste It is 100% natural

Are La Huerta products organic?

Our products are not organic, but they are pesticide-free. If you are interesting on knowing more about the benefits of our products, please call us at 01-800-849-5432.