Do La Huerta products lose their properties?

The best way to preserve their properties is actually through freezing methods. This also allows us not to use preservatives.

How does La Huerta assure the quality of their products?

We have high quality standards from their crops (to which we call good farming practices), by irrigating our products with well water, using certified seeds, and using biological pest control to avoid harmful chemicals. We also comply with highest standards at our cutting and freezing plant, by using good manufacturing practices, we achieve our goal of having quality food, security and harmlessness specifications. We are committed to quality and due to this, we have been awarded several times by many countries for our variety of products. products.

Why does La Huerta products have a wide expiration date?

Thanks to our freezing process, our products freshness can last up to 18 months. This process allows vegetables to stay intact for long time, without using preservatives.

Are La Huerta products already washed and sanitized?

Yes. There is no need to wash them or to sanitize them again. They are ready to eat.

Are La Huerta´s fruits and vegetables ready to eat? Are they pre-cooked?

La Huerta products are already pre-cooked, there is no need to cook them again. We do recommend maybe to light cook them, up to a light boiling point.