How does La Huerta products should be defrost?

There are several ways of defrosting our products: • In the fridge: The packaged product can be moved from the freezer to the fridge, one night before its use. • In the microwave: Select the “Defrost” option. We do recommend to pause mixed the product in order to get an even defrost. • With water: You can put the packaged product into a recipient with cold water WITHOUT OPEN IT, then, change the water from time to time in order to get a faster defrost. • Pour directly into the pan: Depending on the recipe you’ll prepare. Remember that once a product has been defrosted can’t be frozen again. Since our products are already pre-cooked, we recommend you take care not to overcook it.

Can I freeze again a product that has been already defrosted?

It’s up to you, but we don't recommend it. Once a product is defrosted you should eat it. Freezing it again can make the product lose all its nutrients.

Once a product its defrosted, how long does it lasts?

Once defrosted you can leave it in the fridge, it will last as any other fresh product lasts.

How long should La Huerta vegetables be cooked in order to be ready to eat?

Since our products are already pre-cooked, we recommend is the last thing you do before serving the meal. We don't want to overcooked them or alter their texture.