How long does it takes between the harvest and the freezing process?

We harvest our vegetables to their optimal time for consumption in order to guarantee its freshness and preserve its nutrients. When the harvest is ready, we cut them and freeze them the same day.

How can you preserve La Huerta products without the preservatives?

The only preservation method we used is actually the freezing itself, keeping cold temperatures the right way. This method allows us to guarantee the freshness of our products for up to 18 months.

How does fruits and vegetables are frozen at La Huerta?

Through a freezing method called IQF (Individual Quick Frozen). A fast process that allows each product maintain its natural properties, as well as their texture and color.

Where does the freezing process takes place?

We own a freezing plant within the same location where we do our harvest. By doing the harvest and freezing them the same day we can guarantee the freshness of our products.