Are La Huerta´s strawberries already sanitized?

Yes, our strawberries are ready to eat, even directly from the package if you want to!

How does La Huerta products should be defrost?

There are several ways of defrosting our products: • In the fridge: The packaged product can be moved from the freezer to the fridge, one night before its use. • In the microwave: Select the “Defrost” option. We do recommend to pause mixed the product in order to get an even defrost. • With water: You can put the packaged product into a recipient with cold water WITHOUT OPEN IT, then, change the water from time to time in order to get a faster defrost. • Pour directly into the pan: Depending on the recipe you’ll prepare. Remember that once a product has been defrosted can’t be frozen again. Since our products are already pre-cooked, we recommend you take care not to overcook it.

Do La Huerta products contain sodium?

We don't add any sodium to our products, it only contains the natural sodium already in the fruits and the vegetables.

How long does it takes between the harvest and the freezing process?

We harvest our vegetables to their optimal time for consumption in order to guarantee its freshness and preserve its nutrients. When the harvest is ready, we cut them and freeze them the same day.

Are La Huerta products (GMO) transgenic?

No! We use 100% natural products, no genetically modified, so you can bring healthier food at your table.