Can I freeze again a product that has been already defrosted?

It’s up to you, but we don't recommend it. Once a product is defrosted you should eat it. Freezing it again can make the product lose all its nutrients.

Once a product its defrosted, how long does it lasts?

Once defrosted you can leave it in the fridge, it will last as any other fresh product lasts.

Are frozen products more expensive than in-bulk fruits and vegetables?

No, our products are made for saving money, because you’re not going to be paying for those parts that are not used. You also avoid wasting, and you can get them all year long.

How nutritious are La Huerta products?

Highly nutritious since they are processed and frozen, the same day of the harvest, making it possible to preserve all its nutritional properties, at their higher levels.

What type of water is used to irrigate their crops?

We use well water to irrigate our crops. This means, clean water which help us guarantee good quality, and harmlessness in our products.