Where can I find La Huerta products?

We have a National distribution, and our products are available at the main supermarket chains and price clubs in the country.

Where is La Huerta located?

We are located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

How long should La Huerta vegetables be cooked in order to be ready to eat?

Since our products are already pre-cooked, we recommend is the last thing you do before serving the meal. We don't want to overcooked them or alter their texture.

Do La Huerta products lose their properties?

The best way to preserve their properties is actually through freezing methods. This also allows us not to use preservatives.

How can you preserve La Huerta products without the preservatives?

The only preservation method we used is actually the freezing itself, keeping cold temperatures the right way. This method allows us to guarantee the freshness of our products for up to 18 months.